In this course you will learn the most important skills and techniques required to become a Food Photographer. Turn your fun hobby into a paying business!

Dear Aspiring Food Photographer,

Have you ever stopped to look at the mouth-watering images on your screen or in a magazine? You thought it's just some cookies, I can take the same picture with ease. Yet, your pictures looked nothing like you had envisioned?

If this sounds familiar, then this is the course for you!

No fancy expensive camera to buy!

Food Photography is a very fast growing and lucrative business. Imagine making real profit each month being your own boss, working from your own home! Best of all, it's doing what you love! Taking pictures on your Mobile Phone!

I'll show you how and what to do to make that dream come true!

NO fluff or nonsense, just the basics that you need to

Jumpstart Your Food Photography Career!

Hi, I’m Vicky Hadley

I'm a busy Mom of 6 sons. I discovered a love for food photography when my twins were newborns! I didn't have time to drag my big camera out, but I always had my mobile phone beside me. Throughout the years I've discovered the Basic Steps to amazing drool-worthy pictures!